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Automatic Tablet Testing System

UTS 4.1 is a universal and fully automatic tablet testing system developed for industrial applications. The UTS 4.1 is the proven model from a series of tablet testing systems tested over many years - developed in close cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry and major tablet press manufacturers.

UTS 4.1 enables round, oval, square and rectangular tablets as well as various special shapes to be tested. The tried and tested Oblong Centering System (OZB) can be integrated for difficult oblong tablets.

Use UTS 4.1 as a laboratory tablet tester or as a online monitoring tablet testing system linked to a tablet press. The tablet sampling process here can be triggered in the tablet press or via  PH21 software and a external sampling diverter.

tablet hardness testing system




  • Solid industrial construction
  • Reliable testing results
  • Universal application
  • Easy tablet press connection
tablet hardness testing system ipcline uts checkmaster
  OZB - Tablet Positioning Device


Tablet Hardness Tester



  • PH21 software 
  • Oblong Centering System (OZB) 
  • 12-, 14- or 48-station feeder
  • Single air conveying system
  • Double air conveying system
  • Three-slot sorting diverter
  • 12-, 24- or 48-station sample collector




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