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In line with the future LAB.line IPC.line Allgemein

Testing Technology by Kraemer & Ischi

Quality Testing for solid dosage forms:

  • Tablet Hardness Testers
  • Weighing Systems
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Length, Width, Diameter
  • Friability, Abrasion Testers
  • Disintegration Testers
  • API Content Uniformity
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Our Profile:

  • Laboratory Testing Equipment
  • In-Process Quality Control Systems
  • PAT - Real Time Release Solutions (NIR)
  • High Containment Tablet Hardness Testing
  • Online Testing - Tablet Press Application
  • Customized Solutions
Charles Ischi AG are the general distributor for Kraemer Elektronik (Germany) and maintains an international sales and service network for Kraemer&Ischi solid dosage forms testing technology equipment.
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